Advance-HTA Final dissemination Conference

The Law Society, London, UK - 19 November 2015


ADVANCE-HTA aims to broaden the spectrum, complement and address areas of intense methodological debate in the application, use and implementation of HTA. It also aims to improve HTA methods, which can be taken further by competent authorities nationally whilst supplementing the work of supra-national bodies (e.g. EUnetHTA) towards a common understanding of choices in health care decision-making.

The use of HTA has increased recently in Europe and more widely (e.g. Americas) to enable evidence-based coverage decisions and improve efficiency in resource allocation. HTA has often resulted in different coverage decisions across settings despite the same evidence being used for this purpose. This may reflect in part societal preferences about value, priorities or risk perceptions, suggesting a significant need for methodological improvements and extensions.


The fundamental objective of ADVANCE-HTA is to contribute to advancements in the methods for HTA in European and other settings by involving the wider stakeholder community in areas actively and heavily debated given their implications for decision-making and resource allocation, as follows:

  • First, the issue around value for money and the different approaches surrounding current thresholds for resource allocation;
  • Second, the concept of value assessment, and the factors that need to be considered beyond cost effectiveness, and the use of multiple criteria decision analysis;
  • Third, to improve the quality of the evidence required for and the methods associated with the assessment of rare diseases;
  • Fourth, to advance the debate in the elicitation of preferences by deriving these in more realistic settings within the patient community in the wider EU;
  • Fifth, to advance the debate on the suitability of current HTA tools across different categories of medical devices (e.g. diagnostics); and
  • Sixth, to improve the implementation and capacity building of HTA including outside Europe, where HTA is considered explicitly in decision-making.

The conference aim was to:

  • Disseminate findings from the 6 work packages areas
  • Present the HTA methodological advances developed by the Advance HTA Consortium
  • Discuss the relevance of such methodological advances with stakeholders
  • Discuss future developments in HTA and their policy implications
  • Foster international collaboration and create a network for exchange of expertise

The one-day event took place at the Law Society in London, on 19th November 2015. It was organised by Advance-HTA. The conference was organised around the different research streams of Advance-HTA.

Each session included a brief introduction of the research stream, followed by a presentation of the findings of the research stream, and reactions/opinions of stakeholders in the field. The session was then concluded with a Q&A moderated by the chair, where participants had an opportunity to raise questions related to each topic.

The workshop was attended by over 120 participants consisting of policy makers, health consultants and experts, researchers, stakeholders and patient organisations. The event represented participants from 25 countries: Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Ukraine and USA.

Agenda and Resources

The 1-day workshop included 6 sessions:

  • Assessing Value for Money: Health System Perspectives and Application to the Case of Orphan Drugs
  • New tools and approaches in the assessment of value of medical technologies
  • Preference Elicitation and Quality of Life
  • Strengthening and Implementing HTA in Emerging Settings
  • HTA and the future: Stakeholder Reflections
  • Lessons Learnt and Future Directions

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All presentations delivered during the workshop are provided below:

Opening Keynote: Sofia Wallstrom, Director General, TLV

Keynote: Dr Panos Kanavos, LSE

Why do some countries approve a cancer drug and others don’t?

A comparative analysis of four countries in assessing orphan drugs

Stakeholder Perspective: Dr Karen Facey

Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis in the context of HTA

HTA of medical devices: how to group them, how to evaluate them - current status and perspectives

Whose preferences should we use in decision making in health care?

HTA and QoL Measurement Online surveys

Assessing the Societal Value in Rare Diseases by Decision Makers and Patients

Stakeholder Perspective: Dr Karen Facey

HTA in Emerging Settings – Mapping Exercise and Toolbox

The Importance of HTA in Emerging Settings - The REDETSA Experience

HTA and the future: Stakeholder Reflection: Prof Kristensen, EUnetHTA


Based on feedback received from participants, the conference was a success in terms of quality of speakers, program’s structure and content, and general administration. In fact, more than 80% stated the workshop met their expectations and 100% would recommend the workshop to colleagues.

“ Thank you for the chance to attend. It was very informative.”

“ Congratulations on an excellent conference! ”

“ It was a great conference and networking opportunity.”

Full title Advancing and strengthening the methodological tools and policies relating to the application and implementation of Health Technology Assessment (HTA)
Project number 305983
CoordinationLSE Health
Consortium 13 partners

The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme FP7/2007-2013 under grant agreement No. 305983.