A significant number of publications have emerged during the lifetime of the project in peer review journals and, more widely in the literature. A number of publications are currently under review or in the preparation stage. Once these have been published, access will be provided.

In the meantime, a selection of the published articles under each WP is listed below.

Why do some countries approve a cancer drug and others don't?
published in Journal of Cancer Policy Issue 4 (2015) 21-25 (May 2015) (article).

Value-Based Assessment of New Medical Technologies: Towards a Robust Methodological Framework for the Application of Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis in the Context of Health Technology Assessment
published in PharmacoEconomics (January 2016) (article).

Developing an evidence-based methodological framework to systematically compare HTA coverage decisions: A mixed methods study
published in Health Policy 120 (2016) 35-45 (November 2015) (article).

Taxonomy of Medical Devices in the Logic of Health Technology Assessment
published in International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care. (31:5 (December 2015), 324-330) (article).

Full title Advancing and strengthening the methodological tools and policies relating to the application and implementation of Health Technology Assessment (HTA)
Project number 305983
CoordinationLSE Health
Consortium 13 partners

The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme FP7/2007-2013 under grant agreement No. 305983.